function annotation (COG)

This program performs function annotation by using RPSBLAST program on COG database (prokaryotic proteins).
Protein FASTA file (required), can be in .gz format
Outputs: will be produced with a README file describing the output files and format
Sequence file to upload (required):
Email (optional):
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-evalue e-value cutoff for prediction 
Sequence file to upload (required): input.fasta
Email (optional):
Parameters -evalue 0.001
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-evalue e-value cutoff for prediction 
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Program/Database References
1. "Basic Local Alignment Search Tool", S. F. Altschul, et al. Journal of Molecular Biology (1990) 215(3):403-410.
Program/Database Version
Program: rpsblast 2.2.15
Database: NCBI COG 2/2/2011