Currently we provide the following single metagenomic analyses:

clusteringcd-hit-estfast DNA clustering
cd-hitprotein clustering
cd-hit-dup-PEde-duplicate PE reads
cd-hit-dup-SEde-duplicate SE reads
h-cd-hithierarchical protein clustering
h3-cd-hithierarchical protein clustering
psi-cd-hit-proteinprotein clustering with psi-cd-hit
psi-cd-hit-DNADNA clustering with psi-cd-hit
cd-hit-454filtering 454 duplicate reads
cd-hit-otu-miseqOTU clustering for miseq data
orf predictionmetageneorf prediction by metagene program
function annotationcogprotein function annotation by COG database
kogprotein function annotation by KOG database
prkprotein function annotation by NCBI PRK database
pfamprotein function annotation by pfam database
tigrfamprotein function annotation by tigrfam database

Note: every single analysis can also be accessed by using a script.