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FuLinkA, Fuzzy Linking Assembler


FuLinkA is a recently developed sequence assembler based on a probabilistic model. The basic idea is the following:

  1. Sequence assembling is modeled as searching contig paths in the graph of overlapping reads;
  2. Contig paths are fuzzified by assigning a linking probability to each edge in the graph;
  3. Probabiliteis are iteratively updated to approach correct contig paths as revealed by high linking probabilities;
  4. Edges with high linking probabilities are used to construct contig paths and contig sequences.


Version without OpenMP:

Linux: fulinka-v0.5-beta-linux.tgz, fulinka-v0.5-beta-linux-x86-64.tgz

Mac: fulinka-v0.5-beta-mac.tgz

Version with OpenMP for multi-core parallelization:

Linux: fulinka-v0.5-beta-linux-openmp.tgz, fulinka-v0.5-beta-linux-x86-64-openmp.tgz

Mac: fulinka-v0.5-beta-mac-openmp.tgz