function annotation (TIGRFAM)

This program performs function annotation by using HMMER 3.0 program on TIGRFAM database.
(1) Protein FASTA file (required)
(2) Email address (optional)
(3) Parameters (optional)
Outputs: the following four files
(1) README.txt: description of the four output files
(2) output.1: Table of hmmer hits
(3) output.2: Table of GO mapping
(4) output.3: Table of EC mapping
Usage of web server:
(1) Select the protein fasta file in user's local computer. (required)
(2) Fill in user's email adress. (optional)
(3) Fill in parameters. (optional, modifiy it according to user's requirement)
(4) Click "Submit" button. (required)
Sequence file to upload (required):
Email (optional):
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-E e-value cutoff for prediction 
Sequence file to upload (required): input.fasta
Email (optional):
Parameters -E 0.001
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-E e-value cutoff for prediction 
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Program/Database References
1."Profile hidden Markov models", S. R. Eddy Bioinformatics (1998) 14(9):755-763.
2. "The TIGRFAMs database of protein families", D. H., Haft et al. Nucleic Acids Research (2010) 38: D211-D222.
Program/Database Version
Program: hmmscan 3.1b2
Database: TIGRFAM 14.0