tRNA prediction (tRNA)

This program predicts tRNA by using program tRNAscan-SE to identify DNA reads containing tRNA sequences.
(1) DNA FASTA file (required)
(2) Email address (optional)
Outputs: the following four files
(1) README.txt: description of the four output files
(2) output.1.coord: tRNA coordinates in original input sequence
(3) output.1.mask: input file with tRNA masked with 'N'
(4) output.1.seq: tRNA sequences in FASTA format
Usage of web server:
(1) Select the DNA fasta file in user's local computer. (required)
(2) Fill in user's email adress. (optional)
(3) Click "Submit" button. (required)
Sequence file to upload (required):
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you want try, which offers some subset of the tools.

Sequence file to upload (required): input.fasta
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Program/Database References
1. "tRNAscan-SE: A program for improved detection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequence", T. M. Lowe and S. R. Eddy Nucleic Acids Research (1997) 25(5):955-964.
Program/Database Version
Program: tRNAscan-SE 1.23
Database: N/A