taxonomy binning (rdp_binning)

This program performs taxonomy binning for rRNA reads by using RDP classifier program.
(1) rRNA FASTA file (required)
(2) Email address (optional)
Outputs: the following three files
(1) README.txt: description of the three output files
(2) output.1: taxonomy binning results
(3) output.2: summary table
Usage of web server:
(1) Select the DNA fasta file in user's local computer. (required)
(2) Fill in user's email adress. (optional)
(3) Click "Submit" button. (required)
Sequence file to upload (required):
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Sequence file to upload (required): input.fasta
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Program/Database References
1. "Nave Bayesian Classifier for Rapid Assignment of rRNA Sequences into the New Bacterial Taxonomy", Q. Wang, G. M. Garrity, J. M. Tiedje, and J. R. Cole Appl Environ Microbiol (2007) 73(16):5261-5267.
Program/Database Version
Program: rdp_multiclassifier August_2010
Database: N/A