ORF prediction (metagene)

This program predicts ORF by metagene program.
(1) DNA FASTA file (required)
(2) Email address (optional)
output.zip(including the following three files
(1) README.txt: description of the three output files
(2) output.1: Predicted orf files in FASTA format
(3) output.2: Table of information of predicted orfs
Usage of web server:
(1) Select the DNA fasta file in user's local computer. (required)
(2) Fill in user's email adress. (optional)
(3) Click "Submit" button. (required)
Sequence file to upload (required):
Email (optional):

you want try http://weizhongli-lab.org/metagenomic-analysis, which offers some subset of the tools.

Sequence file to upload (required): input.fasta
Email (optional): you@example.com
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Program/Database References
1. "MetaGene: prokaryotic gene finding from environmental genome shotgun sequence", H. Noguchi, J. Park and T. Takagi Nucleic Acids Research (2006) 34(19):5623-5630.
Program/Database Version
Program: metagene 10/12/2006
Database: N/A