Currently we provide the following single metagenomic analyses:

clusteringcd-hit-estfast DNA clustering
cd-hitprotein clustering
h-cd-hithierarchical protein clustering
cd-hit-454filtering 454 duplicate reads
rRNA predictionblastn_rRNArRNA prediction by blastn program
hmm_rRNArRNA prediction by hmmer 3.0 program
tRNA predictiontRNAtRNA prediction by tRNAscan-SE program
orf predictionorf_finderorf prediction by six-reading-frame technique
metageneorf prediction by metagene program
fraggene_scanorf prediction by fraggene_scan program
function annotationcogprotein function annotation by COG database
kogprotein function annotation by KOG database
prkprotein function annotation by NCBI PRK database
pfamprotein function annotation by pfam database
tigrfamprotein function annotation by tigrfam database
pathway annotationkeggpathway annoation by KEGG database
sequence infofna_statstatistics of DNA sequences including length and GC content
faa_statstatistics of protein sequences including length
quality controlqc_filter_fastqremoving reads with low average quality for a read with fastq format
qc_filter_fasta_qualremoving reads with low average quality for a read with fasta+quality format
trimmtrimming the low-quality tail of illumina reads
filtering sequencefilter_humanfiltering human sequences from reads
taxonomy binningrdp_binningtaxonomic binning by rdp classifier program
frhit_binningtaxonomic binning by frhit program
OTU findercd-hit-otuOTU finder by cd-hit-otu program
format conversionfastq2fastaconverting fastq file to fasta file

Note: every single analysis can also be accessed by using a script.