Regular Downloads

Lastest CD-HIT-OTU can be downloaded from CD-HIT package, which is hosted at Google Code.

The latest version of CD-HIT-OTU with examples can also be downloaded from here:

software packagesize
cd-hit-otu for 454 reads4.4MB
cd-hit-otu for illumina reads (single or pair end)145MB

More 454 examples
data namesizereference
DivergentGSFLX (with reference)1.7MB[1]
ArtificialGSFLX (with reference)1.3MB[1]
Titanium (with reference and primer)3.6MB[2]
Even and Uneven (with reference)5.2MB[2]
Human gut (real data)7.1MB[3]
Human body (real data)29MB[4]

More Illumina examples (single and pair end)
data name(forward end)data name (reverse end)referencesizereference
E. Coli-1E. Coli-2NA127MB/130MB[5]
19 Strains-119 Strains-2NA306MB/319MB[5]


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